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  • The current population of India in 2021 is 1,393,409,038, a 0.97% increase from 2020.
  • The population of India in 2020 was 1,380,004,385, a 0.99% increase from 2019.
  • The population of India in 2019 was 1,366,417,754, a 1.02% increase from 2018.
  • The population of India in 2018 was 1,352,642,280, a 1.04% increase from 2017.
  • The current population of India is 1,393,975,740 as of Wednesday, July 14, 2021, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.
  • India 2020 population is estimated at 1,380,004,385 people at mid year according to UN data.
  • India population is equivalent to 17.7% of the total world population.
  • India ranks number 2 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.
  • The population density in India is 464 per Km2(1,202 people per mi2).
  • The total land area is 2,973,190 Km2 (1,147,955 sq. miles).
  • 35.0 % of the population is urban (483,098,640 people in 2020).
  1. Multiple Birth out of Second Pregnancy (13)
  2. Adoption (section 14)
  3. Disability of the first or second child (section 15)
  4. Death of the child (section 16)
  5. Married couple expecting a child at the time of commencement of this Act (section 17)
  • If a couple have a baby on 1.1.2021 and gave birth to their second child by 1.1.2023 then the couple is not under the contravention (violation) under this law.
  • If any couple have a baby on 1.1.2021 and gives birth to two more babies in second pregnancy then also they are not under any contravention.
  • If any couple have two babies from first pregnancy on 1.1.2021 and gave birth to two more babies out of from second pregnancy on 1.1.2023 then the couple is under contravention. This clearly means you will violate this policy of UP government.
  • If any couple has no baby from their marriage and they adopted two children then the couple in not under any contravention.
  • If couple had no children from their marriage but adopted more than two children then they are under contravention.
  • If couple had two children out of from their marriage and adopted one child then they are not in under any contravention.
  • If couple had two children and adopted two or more children then also they are under contravention of 2 child policy in UP.
  • Under this policy who are not an government servant but follow the policy will get rebate on electricity bills, home loans, tax on houses etc.
  • The bill has also limits the ration card unit to 4.
  • Many incentives will be given to those government servants or employees who will follow 2 child policy. Also there has been incentives for couples who falls under Below poverty line.
  • Incentives given under UP Birth Control Policy.
  • Incentives for those Government employees who are following Two Child Policy norms:
  • Soft loans for the construction will be given to you on minimal rates.
  • Rebate on home loans, electricity charges etc.
  • 2 additional increments will be given to the employee in their entire service line.
  • Subsidy will be given to you on purchasing a land or building hose from DA and housing board.
  • Free health care facility.
  • Insurance coverage of the spouse.
  • To female government employees there will be 12 month maternity leave with full salary.
  • In employers Fund Contribution under pension policy there will be 3 % surge.
  • Couple who belong from below poverty line and has only one child will also give attractive incentive.
  • If it is a boy lum sum amount of money will be given to the couple of 80,000 Rupees.
  • If it is a girl, lum sum amount of 1,00,000 will be given to the couple.
  • Contest elections to the local authority or any body of the local self-government.
  • Apply for government jobs under the State Government.
  • Ineligible to get promotion in government services.
  • Ineligible to receive any kind of government subsidy.
  • Limit of ration card units up to four.
  • Debarring from the benefits of government-sponsored welfare schemes.
  • Two additional increments during the entire service.
  • Subsidy towards the purchase of plot or house site or built house from housing Board Development Authority, as may be prescribed.
  • Rebate on charges for utilities such as water, electricity, house tax, as may be prescribed;
  • Maternity or the case may be, paternity leave for 12 months, with full salary and allowances;
  • Free health care facility and insurance coverage to the spouse.
  • 3% increase in the employers contribution fund under National Pension.
  • Free health care facilities & insurance coverage to the child till age 20;
  • Preference to the single child in admission in all educational institutions;
  • Free education up to the graduation level;
  • Scholarship for higher studies in case of a girl child and preference to a single child in government jobs.
  • It shall be the duty of the Government to introduce a compulsory subject relating to population control in all secondary schools.
  • It shall be the duty of the government to ensure that contraceptives are available at reasonable rates at all sub-health centres in the State.



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