How many times National Emergency is declared in India? — Law Insider

  • War, or
  • External Aggression, or
  • Internal disturbance
  • Proclamation of Emergency may be revoked by the President by making a subsequent proclamation. This provision was not changed.
  • It is now provided that the proclamation ceases to operate on the expiry of 6 months unless the continuance of proclamation for further period of 6 months has been approved by the house of parliament before the expiry of the earlier period of 6 months.
  1. Why did former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi impose Emergency on June 25, 1975, available at: (Last visited July 5th 2021)
  2. Emergency in India: How the Press was affected in 1975–77, available at:
  3. (Last visited July 5th 2021)



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